Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Things I've Never Done #4

Stand on a stage. In front of an audience.

Yes please.

The more I think about things I have never done, the more I realize, these things happen every single day. In the past few weeks I have: assisted in a police break in, raced a sprint tri, tried new restaurants, worn new outfits, stayed in new houses, taken ferry rides, won an award and done this and that ... all which I had never done before. But like I said, these are things that just happen.

A few weeks back I was approached about leading a warm up at the annual school race. Without hesitation, I said, "YES!" and started to think about what I might do. No surprise to me, that I waited until the night before to look up a routine and make a playlist. Don't do that. Don't wait till the night before.

I decided to go with Lesley Patterson's 10 minute warm-up as not only was it perfect in terms of timing, but she is a badass Xterra WorldChampion as well. So the night before the race I made a playlist while half-watching House of Cards. I decided I would take 10 songs and listen to the first minute of each. So I listened to the first minute of each song to make sure they were appropriate.

Playlist done.

The morning of the race, I set off the alarm of another car in our garage and couldn't turn it off. 6:00am on Sunday morning and an obnoxious horn honking from the garage. Sorry neighbours! That one event could have predicted how my day was going to go. I arrived early and got set up. A headset microphone. I don't even know if that's what it's called, but I had one. I plugged in my iPhone and called over the eager race runners and explained the warm-up.

Song one. This was fun. A blast. Though I was getting tired. Or warmed up? That's what I told everyone that was starting to sweat just minutes in.

Well it was drill number 3 (High Knees) and I really liked the cadence of the song (Slam the Door) I had chosen. I decided to used the same song for drill number 4 as well (Butt Kicks). 1:22 in I thought I heard something questionable, but hell, the loud speakers drowned out any questionable profanity. Until 1:33 ... did I hear what I thought I heard?

Loud Speakers. School Race. Admin. Parents. Co-Workers.


Yep. That's what the music screeched out to the crowd. It wasn't confirmed until a little bit later that that's what was heard, but it happened. And it wasn't supposed to. What are the chances that the one song I play for two minutes had that line in it. 

I loved leading the warm up and I loved being on stage. I was comfortable and to be honest - I want more of it. 

You got a gig - sign me up- Promise to triple check my playlist. Unless profanity is your thing: This perhaps!

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